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Dear Partners,

ACORN is the leading youth organisation in the Baltic Republics specializing on the promotion of working exchange programs abroad.

Our goal is to develop cultural and working exchange for youth around the world and at the same time to make Latvia well known with its historical heritage and attractive sites.

Outbound programs in the USA and Europe:
Work & Travel, Internship, Summer Camps, Study & Work, Au Pair, Language Studies, Academic Program, Volunteer.
Inbound programs in Latvia:
Summer Camps, Training Program, Volunteer.
We promote the programs through own guidebooks, press-media, conferences in the local high schools and Universities, presentations, international fairs and exhibitions. ACORN is member of BETWA (Baltic Educational Travel and Work association), which is a member in FIYTO (Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations) and GWEA (Global Work Experience Association).

Being internationally oriented we wish to cultivate, elaborate new directions and establish long-term and beneficial partnership to give the possibility for youth to discover the world.

If you are interested in co-operating with ACORN or you have something to offer us, please contact us on the following e-mail:

Ph. (+371) 67 50 18 18
Mobile: (+371) 27 50 50 10

We are proud to offer prime quality service based on responsibility, experience and enthusiastic work of ACORN-team!

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ACORN – Youth Work & Cultural Exchange Organisation
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More than 400 work, cultural exchange and study programs around the world!

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